Клад в Битце (Global Treasure Hunt)

Сегодняшний пост продолжает рассказ о местах захоронения кладов.

По-хорошему, мне следовало бы начать так: найдите в 15м квартале самую высокую точку Битцевского лесопарка, и двигайтесь на северо-восток…Но мне и без того кажется, что никто не поедет к нам в леса искать контейнер с малышковыми безделушками, поэтому не буду усложнять. Дам карту и даже координаты 55.614836, 37.572385 . Squirrel Place – ориентир.


Тем не менее, чтобы сохранить элемент загадки, и помочь вам сделать поиски более интересными, предлагаю обсудить с ребенком, почему мы называем эту поляну именно Squirrel Place, что в ней особенно привлекательного для белочек? Самое время переключиться на английский! (карта увеличивается по клику)

Map of Squirrel Place

As soon as you reach the Squirrel Place look around. Why, do you think, we gave the clearing this funny name? Is there something especially attractive to squirrels?

Take a closer look. What kinds of trees grow here? There is the tallest apple tree you’ve ever seen. You can spot it by tons of apples covering a wide area next to one of the benches.

If you take a sit under this apple tree, you’ll face several paths which may lead you to the treasure. We suggest you take the right one.

But first find the bench opposite the bird feeder.

If you start walking south (right) from that bench, you’ll be able to sing all 4 lines of Row Your Boat 8 times. Make 1 big step on each stressed syllable.

Walk along and row your boat

Walk along and row your boat

The fact is that we don’t know how big can your steps be there’s a couple of other hints.

  1. Walk along the path till you see 2 trees marked with green paint to your right (pic)
  2. Walk until you see a rather old birch tree. Walk around the trunk and try to find a verse from a very famous children’s book scribbled right on its bark. Check all birch trees to the left of the path if you have to :)


As soon as you find both signs, it’s time to go deeper into the forest.

Stand with your back to the birth (or between the marked trees) and start moving forward (90 degrees to the path) till you find yourself at the edge of a hollow. It will take you approximately 45 steps.

If you did everything right, you’ll find a tree marked 35/35 right next to you.

35/35 tree

Cross the hollow to reach the birch tree growing on the opposite side.

Then imagine you’re a bunny. Where do wild bunnies live? Where do they prefer to build their nests?

This picture from The Runaway Bunny might give you a clue.

runaway bunny

That if our treasure was hidden by those bunnies. Where would it be?

Don’t forget to hide it again when you find the “treasure chest”, choose your token and put something in return!

Good luck!

If you found an error, highlight it and press Shift + Enter or click here to inform us.


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